Valentine’s Day: What’s a Church to Do?

You know the holidays can dictate a train of thought for our kids. Media, family and school all contribute to a child’s perspective on any given holiday (or issue for that matter). For church and ministry, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but we have to be cautious that the secular interpretation of a particular holiday doesn’t corrupt a better, more biblical interpretation. This may never be more the case than with Valentine’s Day. The world’s view of “love” isn’t always a healthy one. We need to make sure we handle it appropriately.

Remember “Stretch Armstrong”

In other words, Christmas and Easter are huge holidays in the secular world AND in the world of Christian education for our children. We frequently feel that children are being pulled like a “Stretch Armstrong” toy with opposing, or at least differing, understandings of the purpose of these holidays.

As we come to February, Valentine’s Day looms large. The greeting card, candy, and floral companies make out huge at this time. (And by the way, don’t forget to get something for your “love!”) The corporate focus is all wrapped up in the romantic, secularized view of “love” and making the company bottom line look good.

This can be one of those times when parents and we in ministry are able to pull a secular holiday back in, and make it a time to teach children some very important truths about love, BIBLICAL LOVE!

Go To The Bible

There is no greater context to help children learn about love than from the Bible. Story after story from both the Old and New Testaments demonstrates God’s love for mankind, and the efforts of His people to share that love with others in their world.

In God’s Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers, the Jesus Shared His Love Unit (NT06) is perfect for the month of February as each story is drawn from the life of Jesus, showing and explaining true, biblical love.

If you are accountable for older preschoolers (or even younger grade-schoolers) at your church, Christian school, or homeschool setting, I would suggest you consider using this unit to help your kid’s understand what real love is. Use it on four Sunday mornings. Try it on Wednesday or Sunday nights. Your kids and parents will appreciate your help! And, you can download the entire unit for free at any time.

David Morrow
Preschool Pastor
Long Hollow Baptist Church
Hendersonville, Tennessee

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