Mary’s Story Bible Craft

Note: This craft is also available as a downloadable PDF.

Bible Story: Mary’s Story

Bible Text: Luke 1:26-56

Suggested Learning Outcome: This sweet Christmas angel will help remind children of the special heavenly announcement Mary received about baby Jesus.

Supplies List:

  • Plastic spoons (1 per student)
  • Tape
  • Metallic pipe cleaners
  • Permanent marker
  • Construction paper
  • Decorations such as glitter, sequins, pompoms, stickers etc.
  • Cupcake papers

Teacher Preparation: Pre-cut triangles of construction paper approximately the height of the plastic spoon. Pre-cut metallic pipe cleaners in half.


Step 1. Give each child a spoon and a pipe cleaner. Guide the children in creating a halo with their pipe cleaner with a long enough stem to be securely taped to the spoon (see image).

Image One





Step 2. Give each child a paper triangle and a cupcake paper. Instruct them to tape the triangle to the spoon (see image).

Image Two





Step 3. Guide children in folding the cupcake paper in half to create the angel’s wings. Using a rolled piece of tape placed on the stem of the halo, securely press the angel wings to the spoon. Add additional tape to secure (see images).

Image Three





Image Four






Step 4: Turn the angel over and allow children to draw a face and decorate the angel’s robe anyway they like (see image).

Image Five





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