The Shepherds Told About Jesus Bible Craft

After the angels announced the birth of the Messiah to the shepherds, these men hurried to find the child and then told lots of people about the baby. This Shepherds Told About Jesus Bible Craft will help children remember that Jesus spent his birthday in a manger.

Note: This free craft is also available as a downloadable PDF.

Bible Story: The Shepherds Told About Jesus

Bible Text: Luke 2:8-20

Supplies List:

  • Paper plate (1 per child)
  • Craft burlap
  • Craft sticks (2 per child)
  • Brown felt ovals (1 per child)
  • White felt circles (1 per child)
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Brown paint
  • Black paint
  • Silver glitter

Teacher Preparation: Pre-cut yellow construction paper into stars (1 per child). Pre-cut craft burlap into strips. Pre-cut felt into ovals and circles.



Step 1. Give each child a paper plate and two craft sticks. Instruct them to paint the plate black and the craft sticks brown. While the black paint is still wet, you can gently sprinkle silver glitter onto the painted plate to give a starry sky effect. Allow to dry. Using a hair dryer will speed up the process.


Step 2. Glue the craft sticks to create a wide X on the paper plate. Glue strips of craft burlap onto the top of the X to create Baby Jesus’ bed.


Step 3. Have the kids glue the felt oval to the burlap and then glue the felt circle to the oval to create Baby Jesus’ body.


Step 4. Have the children glue the yellow construction paper star to the top of the paper plate and use permanent marker to draw a face on baby Jesus.


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