“Beautifully Broken” Delivers Hope and Insight

When it comes to contemporary Christian music, Plumb (Tiffany Lee) has been at it longer than many and that’s a testimony to the quality of her work. She’s still making great music and with Beautifully Broken she seems to be honing in on a consistent (and powerful) message that she’s communicating through her music as well as an upcoming book. Tiffany is unapologetic about speaking to women, but the reality is that Beautifully Broken by Plumb* speaks to the human heart and anyone who needs a reminder that we are valued in the eyes of God. I’ve been listening to Beautifully Broken while also reading Fight For Her (her book) so it has been easy to see the consistency in her message. If you know Plumb and have enjoyed her music in the past, get this CD*. You won’t be disappointed. Here’s an overview of the album in case you’re considering purchasing it and are curious…

Beautifully Broken

The title track, Beautifully Broken, does a good job of summing up her core message of hope… “You’re beautifully broken. You can be whole again. Even a million scars doesn’t change who’s you are. You’re worthy. You’re beautifully broken…” The song is appropriately upbeat and positive.


Impossible is a fun anthem of victory that could easily be a song of praise to the Lord (“You make impossible so possible for me…”), but sounds more like a love song for her husband. I’m voting for that, although I didn’t confirm that with anyone. 🙂

Crazy About You

Crazy About You is a beautiful song of affirmation for the weary heart… “You’ve been fighting for so long…” With that comes the divine invitation… “Take another chance on My love” and the affirmation, “I’m so crazy about you…” Plumb likes to write songs about relationships where the message can just as easily be from a friend, lover, or the Lord. This song is no exception. If you’re hurting, listen for the Lord’s invitation. If you know someone who’s hurting, tell them it’s from you!

I Can Do This

I Can Do This expresses the courage we all need to find when confronted with overwhelming challenges… “Waves are crashing all around me, but I’m not scared, cause I feel stronger than I’ve ever been.” But this isn’t a trite “you can do anything, just believe in yourself” song. Behind the statement of courage stands the biblical conviction that we need the Lord to face life’s challenges… “The storm may never change, and I will always need your hand. I just say your name again and again…” The lyrics are delivered in a relenting beat that will remind anyone of the relenting pace of life’s challenges.

Somebody Loves You

Somebody Loves You delivers another message of hope and encouragement to the person who feels unable to live up to whatever standard has been set for her (or him). The guilt and loneliness that typically comes with a sense of failure is met with the simple message… “Somebody loves you just the way you are…” It’s not difficult to imagine a mom (Tiffany?) singing this song to her daughter when, as a young woman, the daughter faces the inevitable self-disappointment that we all encounter soon or later… “She makes mistakes. She makes them loud. And she tries so hard not to let me down. When will she just learn to love herself?”

God Help Me

God Help Me is a prayer that reveals a simple depth of maturity that can say, “If I’m honest, there’s quite a bit of fear. To sit here in this silence and really hear You. What will you ask of me? Will I listen to your voice when you speak? Help me to move. Help me to see. Help me to do whatever you would ask of me. Help me to go. (Or) God help me to stay. I’m feeling so alone here and I know that You’re faithful, but I can barely breathe. God help me.” This is a song of surrender that represents the posture we all need to bring to prayer.

I’m Not Alone

I’m Not Alone is another prayer, affirming God’s presence in the midst of any circumstance… “When I feel afraid you tell me that you’ll stay and hold me.” This recognition is the bedrock of prayer as she recognizes… “I have nothing to fear, I’m not alone, I’m not alone. Oh, God You’re right here. I’m not alone, I’m not alone.”


Human. This song delivers a strong and insightful message in the midst of a big sound and I love that… “We’re all human. Our hatred is useless. We all have a heartbeat, even though it might be aching from the love we don’t feel inside.” Turn this one up and let the sound and message shake you.

Fight For You

The fun sound of Fight For You is perfect for the genuinely serious and desperately needed lyrics of this song… “I’m gonna fight for you… even if I have to fight with you. That’s what you’ve gotta do when you love someone.” That’s just a taste of the many great lines in this song. If you have young kids, learn the chorus to this song and sing it to them. They may roll their eyes, but they need to hear it!


Acrobat. If you ever feel overwhelmed by all there is to do, especially as a mom, this song’s for you… “I feel like an acrobat. I’ve gotta be strong, I’ve gotta be fast. It’s a balancing act. I’ve gotta be this, I’ve gotta be that. I know we all fall down, but before I hit the ground, hold me now, say you’re never gonna let me go!” Who can’t relate to that?


Sleepwalking can be a testimony to the Lord’s power to bring us to life, but it’s just as easily a love song to the man or woman in your life. Light the candles and write these lyrics in a note to your significant other… “You woke up my heart. You, you are mine. And now I’m alive.” Love it!

Plumb seems to understand that the quality of any of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships and it shows in these songs. This is good stuff!*

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