Jesus Bible Activities

Below you'll find Bible lesson activities for kids, about Jesus, God's Son, who died a sacrificial death to pay the penalty for humanity's sins. Through faith in Him, a person can be forgiven of his or her sins and receive eternal life.

Jesus Washed the Disciples’ Feet Match Game

The story of Jesus washing His disciples’ feet is found in John 13:4-5, 12-15. This story is a wonderful example of how Jesus showed humility and served others. It is actually intended to demonstrate how real power operates in the Kingdom of God. Unlike the political and military power of the Romans, real power finds…

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Word Scramble for the Last Supper

On the night Jesus was arrested, just a few minutes earlier, He shared a special meal with His disciples. In John 13–17 we learn that Jesus shared the annual Passover meal with his disciples the night before his crucifixion. That Passover meal was the last meal Jesus had with His disciples before His crucifixion and…

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Word Search for Paul Learned About Jesus

God called Paul to be “an Apostle to the Gentiles” (Rom. 11:13), but He first had to get Paul’s attention. And He did that one day when Paul was on the Road from Jerusalem to Damascus in search of Christians to persecute. Jesus revealed Himself to Paul in a blinding light and Paul became a…

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Spot the Differences in Jesus Fed the People

At one point in His ministry (John 6:1-15), Jesus was followed by a large crowd because of His miracles of healing the sick. The crowd needed to be feed, but they had only five barley loaves and two fish that belonged to a boy. Jesus gave thanks for the food and then had the disciples…

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Coded Words for Jesus Walked on Water

Jesus did many amazing things during His ministry. One of these amazing actions was walking on water! In Mark 6, we read that Jesus performed a breathtaking miracle when He walked upon the water to reach His disciples who were in a boat crossing the Sea of Galilee. Water plays an important role in both…

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Peter Recognized Jesus Word Search 2

The story we call Peter Recognized Jesus, found in Luke 5, is a wonderful example of how Jesus will build our faith. Peter, the simple, self-sufficient fisherman who often thought he knew what was best for Jesus, didn’t know just how much his life was about to change when he encountered Jesus on the shores…

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Word Search for Jesus Taught About Prayer

In what we call The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus took time to teach his followers many things. One of the most important things he shared was a model prayer for them (and us) to follow in Matthew 6. Jesus did not want his followers to pray like the Pharisees prayed, showing off in order…

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Jesus Calmed the Storm Jigsaw Puzzle

This Jesus Calmed the Storm Jigsaw Puzzle will help remind children that Jesus has the power to do whatever He knows is best. Click on the Get Activity button below to access the activity. Jigsaw puzzles help children develop finger strength and fine motor skills. You can also see a list of all the types of…

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John 3:16 Write the Bible Phrase Worksheet

This Write the Bible Phrase worksheet calls for kids to write John 3:16 as translated in the Holman Christian Standard Bible. The entire verse reads, “For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” John…

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