Bible Activities for Kindergarteners Through 2nd Graders

Younger children includes kindergarten through 1st or 2nd grade, depending on how the church organizes its classes and whether the church includes 6th graders in its children's department.
Wise Men's Christmas Word Tiles

Wise Men’s Christmas Word Tiles

Give your kids a chance to put together this word tiles phrase puzzle that highlights an important lesson from the wise men’s story.

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Wise Men's Christmas Adventure Spot the Differences

Wise Men’s Christmas Adventure Spot the Differences

Can your boys and girls find all 16 differences that exist between these two images of the wise men making their way to Bethlehem? Give them a chance to try!

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Christmas Word Tiles

God’s Son Jesus was born for us. That’s the message of this wonderful word tiles Christmas puzzle!

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The Shepherds’ Christmas Adventure Match Game

As your kids play this match game, they’ll be trying to match tiles depicting the faces of enthusiastic shepherds, among other things. These images are powerful reminders of the ultimate Christmas gift—God’s gift of His only Son!

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God Is Great Word Tiles

What did the plagues that came upon Egypt prove about God? He is a great and powerful God. This word tiles activity highlights this important Bible truth.

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Moses Confronted Pharaoh Spot the Differences

A whopping 19 differences exist between these two images of Moses confronting Pharaoh! Some of them are less obvious than others, but your kids still will be able to find them all!

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Moses Confronted Pharaoh Puppets

This puppet craft features Moses and Pharaoh in Pharaoh’s throne room with dozens of frogs surrounding them. God was sending Pharaoh a strong message.

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Plague of Frogs Match Game

This match game features the plague that occurred when frogs invaded Egypt. Give your kids a chance to play this game and see how many frog tiles they can match!

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God Parted the Red Sea Match Game

God led His people through the Red Sea on dry land! This match game is a wonderful reminder of this truth. Thank God for the deliverance He provided the Hebrew people.

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