Bible Story Summaries and Profiles

Bible story summaries are designed to help teachers or parents of children tell the story in a way that is engaging and appropriate for them. You should always seek to adapt the story as needed to make it appropriate for the kids under your care. Each Bible story summary contains a story title, the Bible text for the story, one or more Bible story truths to help parents or teachers communicate core truths about the story, and a kid-friendly summary of the story. The story summary is also available as a PDF you can get by clicking on the Get Activity button at the bottom of the story summary page. Story profiles are a little different, but are also included in this list.

God’s People Enslaved in Egypt Story Summary

In Exodus 1, we learn about God’s plan for the Jews in Egypt. The Egyptians made them slaves, and their lives were bitter. This story summary will help kids see God often has a plan in spite of harsh circumstances.

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Jacob Deceived Isaac Story Summary

In Genesis 27, we learn that Jacob deceived his father, Isaac, in order to steal Esau’s blessing. In this story, children will learn that everyone in Jacob’s family sinned, but God is still able to redeem their story. Sin will divide a family, but God is able to use people in spite of their sin.

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Cain and Abel Story Summary

When God rejected Cain’s sacrifice, Cain became angry and killed Abel, his brother. Cain’s sin resulted in separation from God. These Bible activities for children will help kids learn that sin leads to sadness and separation from God.

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Abraham Was Called to Sacrifice Isaac Story Summary

In Genesis 22, we learn that Abraham trusted God when he was tested. In the story, when Abraham sacrifices Isaac (or was prepared to), children will see the importance of obedience. They will also see God’s provision by learning about Abraham and Isaac.

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Nehemiah and the Wall Story Summary

In Nehemiah 1, we learn that God used this prophet to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem after the Babylonian captivity. This story summary will help kids learn about Nehemiah and encourage children to serve the Lord and work for Him.

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Adam and Eve Were Called to Rule Story Summary

According to Genesis 1:26-28, God gave Adam and Eve the assignment to rule over His creation. This story summary will help kids learn about what is called “the dominion mandate.”

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The Creation Story Summary

This PDF contains a simple summary of the early phases of the creation story found in Genesis 1:1-8. The PDF also contains the story title, the Bible text, and a Bible story truth for helping children understand the story.

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Adam and Eve Sinned Bible Story Summary

This story summary is about “The Fall” or the circumstances surrounding the sin of Adam and Eve found in Genesis 3. This is an important story for kids to learn, so you may wish to review this summary to see if there’s an emphasis you want to include when you tell the story. You may…

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