Spot the Differences Bible Activities

Spot the differences activities are great fun for kids and help children develop important skills while they review key elements of the Bible story. And, they're good for both readers and non-readers! These spot the differences activities highlight various Bible stories and situations. Each activity is completely free, is printable on standard paper, and comes with a key to make it easy for you as a parent or teacher to know if all of the differences have been found. Enjoy!

Shepherds Told of Jesus Spot the Differences

This spot the differences activity is great fun for older preschoolers and younger children. Eleven differences exist between the two images. Several important things about the pictures are the same, however—one of them is that in both images, shepherds are worshiping the newborn Savior of the world!

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Peter’s Rescue from Jail Spot the Differences

In this spot thedifferences activity, children will be challenged to find 12 specific ways in which two seemingly identical pictures are different. In each image, an angel is showing Peter the way of escape from jail. God takes care of His people!

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Jesus Taught About Giving Spot the Differences

Children learn about the poor widow who gave all she had to God as they spot minor differences between pictures of this woman’s giving her gift.

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The Good Samaritan Spot the Differences

Spotting the differences between two pictures of the good Samaritan, children learn the importance of showing kindness.

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Jesus Healed 10 Lepers Spot the Differences

Looking for differences between two pictures of a healed leper returning to Jesus to thank Him helps children learn the importance of gratitude.

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The Visit From the Wise Men Spot the Differences

As they spot the differences between two pictures of the wise men’s visit to see and honor the child Jesus, children will learn of the importance of worshiping Jesus.

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Jesus is Alive! Easter Spot the Differences

Mary Magdalene was overjoyed to see that Jesus had risen from the dead. Children will see her surprise in this Easter spot the differences activity (based on John 20:11-18) as they look for differences between two similar pictures. Answers are provided.

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Zacchaeus Met Jesus Spot the Differences

What are some of the differences between two images of Jesus looking up at Zacchaeus as he sat in a sycamore tree? A total of 11 exist in this activity, which, by the way, is a fun way to learn about how Jesus came to seek and save the lost (see Luke 19:10).

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Children's Spot the Differences Bible Activity - A Big Catch of Fish

A Big Catch of Fish Spot the Differences

This spot the difference activity will challenge older children to locate 14 differences in the two teaching pictures illustrating the story of the miraculous catch of fish found in Luke 5:1-11.

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