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Spot the Differences Bible Activities

The spot the differences activities below highlight various Bible events and situations. Click on the title of an activity to be taken to a web page where you'll be able to download it.

Mary and Martha Spot the Differences

This Bible activity for children is a spot-the-differences exercise between two pictures showing Jesus, Mary, and Martha. Can your children find all 14 differences? Answers are provided.

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Jesus Walked on Water Spot the Differences

This Bible activity for children and preschoolers gives them the challenge of finding 12 differences between two pictures of Jesus walking on the water. As they have fun finding the differences, they also will learn what happened and why Jesus was no ordinary man.

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Jesus Taught Forgiveness Spot the Differences

Let your children try to find all 12 differences between these two pictures, both of which show a loving father running to welcome his wayward son home. Can you spot all the differences? Can your children? See who can find them all first!

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Mary Showed Her Love for Jesus Spot the Differences

Your children will have a great deal of fun finding the 11 differences between these two pictures, both of which show Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with expensive oil. See if you can spot the differences yourself, then ask your children to help you if you can’t find them all!

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Peter and the Lame Man Spot the Differences

Give your children the opportunity to find the differences between these pictures, both of which show a man who is no longer lame leaping for joy as Peter and John look on. How many differences exist between the two? At least fifteen.

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Paul and Silas Spot the Differences

Spot the differences between these pictures that initially look identical. Twelve minor difference exist between the two—but in both pictures Paul and Silas have joyful expressions on their faces, even though they are in jail!

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John the Baptist Spot the Differences Activity for Kids

John the Baptist Spot the Differences

“What is John the Baptist saying to the crowd of people in this picture?” This is just one question you might ask your children as they try to find all the differences between these two pictures. Your kids have sharp eyes, don’t they? Let them show you by giving them this activity!

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Shepherds Told of Jesus Spot the Differences

This spot the differences activity is great fun for older preschoolers and younger children. Eleven differences exist between the two images. Several important things about the pictures are the same, however—one of them is that in both images, shepherds are worshiping the newborn Savior of the world!

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Peter’s Rescue from Jail Spot the Differences

In this spot thedifferences activity, children will be challenged to find 12 specific ways in which two seemingly identical pictures are different. In each image, an angel is showing Peter the way of escape from jail. God takes care of His people!

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