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Spot the Differences Bible Activities

The spot the differences activities below highlight various Bible events and situations. Click on the title of an activity to be taken to a web page where you'll be able to download it.

Jesus Taught About God Spot the Differences

What questions might you ask Jesus if you could meet with Him? Nicodemus had a chance to talk with Jesus, and we can learn a great deal from their conversation, which is recorded in John 3. As your children look for the differences between these two pictures, talk with them about some of the important things we learn from this important conversation.

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John Wrote About Love Spot the Differences

How skilled are you in finding the differences between these two pictures of John writing down God’s message? How skilled are your children? Find out! You’ll have a great time together as you do this Bible activity!

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Jesus Helped a Little Girl Spot the Differences

How many differences can you find between these two pictures, both of which portray Jesus after He had just raised a 12-year old girl from the dead. This Bible activity reminds children that Jesus really did do amazing things!

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Jesus and the Children Spot the Differences

Jesus blessed the children. This spot-the-differences puzzle will help your children understand something about what this means, including the truth Jesus loves and cares about them.

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John Wrote About Heaven Spot the Differences

How many differences can you find between these two images of heaven? There are 14 in all, and answers are provided. This is a wonderful Bible activity!

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Peter Wrote Letters Spot the Differences

Peter’s letters are important Books in the New Testament. This fun and engaging Bible activity will give you an opportunity to talk to your kids about Peter’s letters to fellow Christians during the days of the early church. You and your kids need to look for at least 14 differences between the two images provided. Do you think you and your kids can find all 14? Give it a try!

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Last Supper Spot the Differences

Spot the differences! This is a fun activity that shows two images of Jesus and the disciples sharing a special meal together on the night of Jesus’ arrest. As your children have fun with this activity, you can talk to them about Jesus’ love for all of us!

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Paul’s Letter to Timothy Spot the Differences

This Bible activity for children shows Paul writing to his friend Timothy. Two pictures that look almost identical at first glance actually are different in 12 specific ways. How many of these differences can your children find? Answers are provided.

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Paul’s Escape Spot the Differences

After Paul became a Christian in Damascus, some of the people who had been Paul’s friends became his enemies and wanted to kill him. Some of Paul’s new friends—fellow Christians—helped him escape in the middle of the night. This spot-the-differences Bible activity shows what Paul’s escape in the middle of the night might have looked like.

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