10 Commandments Word Tiles

10 Commandments Word Tiles

This word tiles activity is one of a number of 10 Commandments for kids activities on Sunday School Zone. You can find a summary page of 10 Commandments for kids activities and resources here.

Description: The Ten Commandments Word Tiles

Bible Text: Exodus 20:1-17

Bible Lesson: No one can really know what actions and attitudes please God without hearing what God Himself has to say in His Word. Thus this 10 Commandments word tiles Bible activity is important and underscores that God wants us to know how to live according to His will. He is not trying to keep us in the dark. This word tiles activity says, “God gave me rules to help me obey Him.” God loved His people and wanted them to live in ways that were healthy and holy so they would prosper in the land He would give them. He gave them the laws found in Exodus and Leviticus to help them do this. The Ten Commandments are the most basic of these laws and provide a good framework to help us understand what God desires. This printable word tiles activity will encourage kids to remember that God has not left us without instructions for living. The Ten Commandments are just as relevant and important today as ever. Let your children put this word tiles puzzle together, then talk to them about the importance of knowing and following God’s laws.

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