Spot the Differences Bible Activities

Spot the differences activities are great fun for kids and help children develop important skills while they review key elements of the Bible story. And, they're good for both readers and non-readers! These spot the differences activities highlight various Bible stories and situations. Each activity is completely free, is printable on standard paper, and comes with a key to make it easy for you as a parent or teacher to know if all of the differences have been found. Enjoy!

God Made People Spot the Differences

Who will be the first among your children to find all eleven differences between these two pictures of Adam and Eve in this spot the differences Bible activity? Answers are provided.

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People Disobeyed God Spot the Differences

Twelve differences exist between these two pictures of Adam and Eve taking bites of the forbidden fruit and sinning against God. Can your children find them all?

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God Made the Plants Spot the Differences

Fourteen differences exist between these two images of a tree in the middle of a garden. Your kids can find them all, I’m sure! Let them prove it to you!

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God Made a Promise to Noah Spot the Differences

Eleven differences exist between the two pictures shown in this activity. Can your kids find all of them? Answers are provided and can remind children of God’s great love and faithfulness to do what He promises. He is a great God!

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God Made the Animals Spot the Differences

Can you and your kids find all 17 differences in this spot the differences Bible activity highlighting God’s creation of the animals? Sharpen your pencils and give this Bible activity a try!

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Paul Taught Lydia About Jesus Spot the Differences

This spot the differences puzzle depicts two pictures of Paul telling Lydia and some other people about Jesus. Can you find all ten differences between them? Answers are provided.

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John, A Friend of Jesus Spot the Differences

John was known as “the beloved disciple,” indicating his closeness to the Master. Ten differences exist between these pictures showing Jesus walking with John and another disciple. How many of the differences can your children find? Answers are provided.

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Jesus Washed the Disciples’ Feet Spot the Differences

Can your kids spot all 12 differences in these pictures? The pictures look identical at first, but they’re not! As your children work, remind them of how Jesus served His disciples. We should serve one another as well!

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Jesus Healed a Woman with a Crooked Back Spot the Differences

In this Bible activity, your kids will work to find the differences between two pictures that seem identical at first glance. The pictures show Jesus just before He healed the woman with a crooked back. The miracle truly was a dramtaic demonstration of His divine power.

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