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Spot the Differences Bible Activities

The spot the differences activities below highlight various Bible events and situations. Click on the title of an activity to be taken to a web page where you'll be able to download it.

God Guided Abraham Spot the Differences

Let your kids have a chance to spot the differences that exist between these two pictures showing Abraham’s move away from his homeland to the place God would show him.

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Joseph Helped the King Spot the Differences

In this find the differences puzzle, there are 10 subtle differences between two images. Let your kids have a chance to find them!

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God Was with Joseph Spot the Differences

This find the differences puzzle highlights the story of Joseph’s years in Egypt before becoming Pharaoh’s second-in-command. God is faithful, isn’t He? This story shows that He is indeed faithful, and we can trust Him.

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God Sent a Great Flood Spot the Differences

Pull out the markers and get ready to find 11 differences between these two pictures of animals stepping aboard the ark just before the flood comes. This is a great Bible exercise and will remind children that God is a gracious God even while judging sin.

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God Guided Noah Spot the Differences

Noah and his sons built the ark in obedience to God’s command—and Noah and His family were saved during the devastating Genesis flood. This spot the differences puzzle is a great reminder of the fact that the appropriate response to God’s grace is faith and obedience.

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God Made People Spot the Differences

Who will be the first among your children to find all eleven differences between these two pictures of Adam and Eve in this spot the differences Bible activity? Answers are provided.

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People Disobeyed God Spot the Differences

Twelve differences exist between these two pictures of Adam and Eve taking bites of the forbidden fruit and sinning against God. Can your children find them all?

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God Made the Plants Spot the Differences

Fourteen differences exist between these two images of a tree in the middle of a garden. Your kids can find them all, I’m sure! Let them prove it to you!

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God Made a Promise to Noah Spot the Differences

Eleven differences exist between the two pictures shown in this activity. Can your kids find all of them? Answers are provided and can remind children of God’s great love and faithfulness to do what He promises. He is a great God!

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