Christmas Activities for Kids

The Christmas holiday is a wonderful time for families when the kids are out of school and extended families are often together. But how can we keep kids entertained and aware of the real meaning of Christmas in ways that are fun and don't merely involve more screen time? Here are some Christmas activities for kids that you might find helpful!

Christmas Star Ornament – The Shepherds’ Story

This wonderful activity gives each of your kids a chance to make a star Christmas ornament.

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The Shepherds’ Christmas Adventure Match Game

As your kids play this match game, they’ll be trying to match tiles depicting the faces of enthusiastic shepherds, among other things. These images are powerful reminders of the ultimate Christmas gift—God’s gift of His only Son!

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The Shepherds’ Christmas Adventure Jigsaw Puzzle

As your preschoolers work this simple puzzle, they’ll be looking at a beautiful picture of the shepherds making their way to the manger that first Christmas. What a wonderful announcement the sharpers received that night!

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Joseph Told About Jesus Word Tiles

Let your children have fun putting these word tiles together. They’ll be reminded about the important message the angel gave Joseph in a dream. Having had the dream, Joseph now knew to marry Mary. He also knew to name Mary’s baby Jesus.

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Angel Tells Joseph About Jesus Coloring Page

Break out the crayons, markers, or watercolors! This activity is a color by number picture portraying the angel who came to Joseph in a dream to tell him to marry Mary and to name the baby Jesus.

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Joseph Told About Jesus Word Line Up

Sharpen your pencils and give your children a chance to unscramble these five words relating to Joseph’s dream and God’s instructions through an angel that Joseph marry Mary and name her child Jesus.

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Joseph Told About Jesus Word Search

When Mary and Joseph married, they knew some important things many others did not know. Both of them had received instructions from God about Jesus! This word search puzzle highlights 10 things surrounding the instructions Joseph received from God in a dream. Don’t just let your children see if they can find all 10 words—see if you can too.

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Joseph Told About Jesus - Color by Number Activity

Joseph Told About Jesus Color By Number Page

Mary and Joseph knew that Jesus, who was growing inside Mary’s body, was God’s Son. This color by number activity shows them as they got together after Joseph’s dream. Many people would not understand the special circumstances surrounding Jesus birth—but Mary and Joseph lived through them, and they trusted God in the midst of it all.

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Gabriel Told About Jesus Word Tiles

This word tiles exercise gives the “bottom line” of Gabriel’s visit to Mary. “Mary will be the mother of Jesus.” This was an important message, not just for Mary, but for everyone today as well. God’s Son was coming into the world! Mary would be his mother, but His Father was God!

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